Honey is nature’s wonderful gift, the healing, restorative power both internally and externally. It contains powerful antibacterial enzymes, organic acids and enzymes inhibine. These key components reduces pain and irritation. After hair removal with honey emulsion skin becomes soft and smooth without excessive redness or irritation. Hairremoval with honey emulsion applied to a special technique. It is applied with the fingers against the grain and remove the fur, contrary to conventional waxing. No strips or paddles needed.

In this way the hair is pulled in the same direction as they grow.
This technology together with honeyemulsion is healing and soothing properties provide a gentle depilation. Honeyemulsion works on all hair and skin types, even remove coarse and rather short hairs. Thanks to technology and honey emulison good qualities reduces the risk of ingrown hairs significantly.


Exuviance back treatment

Deep cleansing treatment with Alpha hydroxid acid.
Includes a backmassage with rehydrating massage cream

60 minutes 55€

Classic Swedish massage

Full body massage. 60 minutes 50€
Back, neck & shoulder. 30 minutes 35€
Feet and leg massage. 30 minutes 35€


Full leg 35€
Half leg 25€
Armpits 15€
Bikini 15€
Brazilian 25€

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